About Zentangle

Zentangle is simple to understand and easy to enjoy-

-even if you are convinced you are not an artist.


At first glance it seems intricate and complicated, but when you see

how it’s done, you realize how simple it is.

With simple strokes, "tangles" ( repetitive patterns ) are created

in random spaces as the image develops.




People who take a Zentangle class can accomplish what they

thought impossible within a few minutes. The act of making the

deliberate pen strokes will focus your attention and put you into a

meditative “zone” allowing you fresh thoughts and perspectives

while stimulating creativity. It is both exciting and relaxing.


Unlike most art, there is no need to plan because you will not know

what your Zentangle will look like until it is finished. The art requires

only very simple supplies and is designed to be portable.




Unlike crossword , jigsaw, or Sudoku puzzles, there is no

predetermined right answer. You cannot fail to create a Zentangle.

It becomes a freeing and uplifting experience as you realize you

can create never-ending, ever-changing “solutions”. No need to be

bored waiting for an appointment when you can have your Zentangle

pen and paper with you !




Contact me for information on the class schedule by e-mail

For more information on Zentangle, go to : www.zentangle.com